Frothblowers Micro Pub

78 Storrington Way, Werrington, Peterborough,

Ah you've found us. Welcome to the webpage of the Frothblowers micro pub.

As you can see we haven't spent a great deal of time on our web presence. To be honest we'd rather spend our time looking after our guests and taking care of business in the cellar making sure we have the best beer and cider in town.

On here you'll find most of the information you'll need to get you acquainted with what we do, where we do it and why we on....

Our vital statistics.....

Opened in February 2017 by John 'Cider Monkey' Lawrence and Steve 'Froth Master' Williams in an ex tanning studio.

We have 5 hand pumps offering a variety of ales ranging from dark to light. We also serve direct from the cask from the cellar. We try and have at least a couple of dark beers available all of the time.

We have the largest range of draught cider in the area with around 20 on at any one time.

We don't have any music, fruit machines, a telly or wifi. We do however have truly fabulous beer, cider, wines, soft drinks, a functioning collection of bottled beers both foreign and domestic, pork scratchings, Piper's crisps and occasionally cheese and nibbles. We don't offer tea and coffee in any meaningful way but we can put the kettle on and make you something brown should an emergency arise. For proper tea and coffee we would recommend the Werrington Village Newsagent and "At Last" Tearooms at 81 Church Street who do a superb cream tea and some seriously stupendous cake. They're about a 20 minute walk up Amberley Slope.

We open six days a week with occasional seasonal adjustments. Generally we open at 3pm until 9pm during the week and from midday on Saturday and Sunday with an early closing on Sunday. Have a look elsewhere for the exact times.

Entertainment? Well, it's just chat really. We can't offer anything substantial but we do have a bit of acoustic music sometimes. We also have a cupboard full of dominoes, cards, books and board games. We also have a selection of snow globes to feast your eyes upon. Take time out to bask in their amusing glow.....

We're on the Citi 1 bus route heading north and you can get to us from Queensgate in the city centre in about 20 minutes with a favourable wind. Ask for Corfe Avenue and look for a row of shops. If you miss the stop don't worry the next one is a few hundred yards further up Amberley Slope meaning the walk to the pub is slightly down hill! For out of towners the Stagecoach Bus Company issue Day Rider tickets which will get you to most places around the city with the opportunity of stopping off at a couple hostelries should you feel the need.

We don't offer any food but we're wedged between two takeaways. Feel free to order your food and eat in the pub (we can provide knives, fork and plates if required). We ask that you clear up after yourselves though. We're also in the same row as a laundrette, newsagent and barbers so you could technically spend the whole day here!

Beer quality. When it comes to looking after beer we pride ourselves on providing the very highest standards possible. Our Froth Master's philosophy is that all beer that goes over the bar needs to be perfect. If it isn't he has failed. Some pubs may operate a policy of 'can we get away with it' or 'that'll do'. We do not subscribe to this idea and would insist that if our customers recieve a pint that they feel is not quite right then we will replace it immediately with no questions asked. The only party to be subjected to questions will be ourselves to find out how this could happen! All beers are tasted before we open for business and on long session we will test beers again to ensure consistency (a terrible job but someone has to do it). We're not mucking about! Beer is a serious business and we need to make sure we get it right. If we don't, tell us!

For more updates we suggest you visit our Facebook page. It's probably more up to date than this webpage.

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Opening Times

Monday Closed
Tuesday 3pm to 9pm
3pm to 9pm
Thursday 3pm to 9pm
Friday 3pm to 10pm
Saturday 12 to 10pm
Sunday 12 to 6pm